Electric Vehicle Safety Inspection


Product Overview

Product Overview

Electric Vehicle Safety Inspection

一、 Electric Vehicle Safety Inspection


二、 EOL Safety and DCIR Testing For Electric Vehicles

Product Function

一、 Electric Vehicle Safety Inspection


(2)Dynamic Test Platform

(3)Reading Information Through Hand-held Device

(4)Can Key Parameters Display

(5)Acceleration, Braking, Energy Efficiency And Other Performance Testing



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1. Electric vehicle cycle condition curve, power consumption, braking power recovery, vehicle energy efficiency test

2. GB/T 18386-2017  Electric vehicle energy consumption rate and test method for driving mileage

3. Brake feedback test capability

Hand-held Information Acquisition Unit

To collect the basic information and real-time information of battery packs, motors and controller through OBD port. Through vehicle on inspecting-line acceleration, the system can test vehicle energy consumption at different speeds, and wirelessly upload to the cloud.


 Inspection Items

The system test the Test the vehicle CAN communication through the ODB-II interface

Battery types, serial number and protocol version

  Rated voltage, rated capacity, the maximum allowable voltage and the current

Battery pack instantaneous voltage, current, SOC, insulation and fault alarm

Vehicle performance test

The vehicle efficiency  (  40km/h  ) =Wbms/W  electric generator

Power recovery during braking and gliding


Acceleration and braking performance test



二、 EOL Safety and DCIR Testing For Electric Vehicles


(2)Communication Information Reading

(3) Insulation and Withstanding Voltage Performance Test

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EOL test system: Detect the insulation voltage and leakage of the battery pack.

* High-power 750V300A equipment: Test the impedance of the vehicle power harness and check whether the entire line is connected reliably.

 * Calculate the DC impedance value by calculating the high-power charging device, and check whether the wiring port of the battery pack is normal;

* The battery polarization can be detected by the internal voltage value of the battery pack to determine the battery health.

* Hand-held information collection unit: Collect three electric information of electric car.


 Inspection Items

Insulation and withstanding voltage test


AC / DC withstanding voltage test

AC/DC grounding test

Insulation resistance test

Insulation impedance simulation to detect whether the BMS insulation detection function is normal