Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emission Remote Sensing Monitoring System




Vehicle Restriction Screening System

Vehicle restriction screening system is a fast and efficient monitoring device. It can identify the license plate by taking the high-definition photo of the motor vehicle on road and then compare the result with the data in database to determine the vehicle is yellow label vehicle (higher-emission vehicle) or green label vehicle (qualified emission vehicle), in the meantime, mark the information of this vehicle through the area. And the whole process takes less than 0.5 seconds.

The classification system of yellow label and green label of motor vehicle can increase the inspection frequency of vehicles with yellow label, and encourage the owners to use clean vehicles (green label), and reduce the harm of vehicle exhaust to densely populated area.

System Characteristic

1. High rate of capturing license plate and recognition.

2. Easy to install and operate with wireless network.

3. Flexible installation, mobile and fixed.

4. Problem-solving efficiently and indicating results in real time

5. Providing strong evidence for law enforcement, showing detection results in photos way.