Emission Test System


Product Overview

Product Overview

VMAS Emission Test System

The VMAS emission test system is suitable for emission testing of gasoline vehicles with ignition engines, gas fuels such as natural gas and LPG, or dual-purpose fuel vehicles. The system consists of chassis dynamometer, five-gas analyzer, gas flow meter, sampling system, cooling device, driver assistant, safety inhibiting device, inertia simulator, engine tachometer, environment station and computer control system. The test was carried out using a 195-second operating curve at 15 operating conditions, covering various operating conditions such as idle, acceleration, constant speed and deceleration. Chassis dynamometer is used to simulate the load of the vehicle of each driving condition on road, the system can detect the emission quality of CO、CO2、HC、NOX, and other pollutants under standard driving condition (IG195) through the analysis of the real time data of five-gas analyzer and flow meter. The final result of the test is the pollutant emission mass per kilometer of the vehicle (g/km). The safety system also supports customized working conditions. The system can be configured through safety working conditions, customized special working conditions, or set full transient working conditions for testing.