Automotive Gas Analyzer


Product Overview

Product Overview

ACPQ-2A Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzer

1. Adopt non-dispersive infrared absorption method to measure CO2 in vehicle exhaust;

2. Adopt ultraviolet differential optical absorption spectroscopy to measure NO/NO2.The two components were measured separately and were not affected by water vapor.

3. Comply with the technical requirements of GB 18285-2018 <Limits and Measurement Methods for Emissions form Diesel Vehicles under Free Acceleration and Lug down Cycle>.

4. Meet the accuracy requirements of international standard ISO 3930 or OIML R99 00;

5. It is applicable to environmental protection departments, motor vehicle inspection stations, automobile factories, automobile workshops, scientific research institutions, etc.


1. Installed with originally imported optical detection platform and pneumatic components with globally leading brand;

2. No need for converter. Overcome the problem of conversion efficiency of traditional converter, and no need for regular replacement and maintenance;

3. Low use-cost, up to 5 years life span of O2 long-life electrochemical oxygen sensor, more than 10 years lifespan of NOx light source;

4. Graphical design of instrument interface, menu operation, more user-friendly and convenient;

5. Mature after-sale service network and efficient after-sale service system.

Technical Parameters

Working ambient conditions

Ambient temperature

+0℃~ +40℃

Relative humidity

≦ 90%(RH)

Atmospheric pressure

76 kPa~ 106 kPa



AC 198V~242V



Preheating time

10mins or 30 mins(environmental temperature≥20℃)

Output interface

RS-232 Ethernet


585mm (L) x 485mm(W) x 224mm (H)


24.8  kg 

Gas type


mesurement range (vol)

Indicating error

Maximum response time allowed by the sensor

absolute error(vol)

relative error


(0.00~16.0)   X 10-2

±0.3 X 10-2 


T90 ,


(16.01~18.0)  X 10-2



(0~4000)  X 10-6  

±25 X 10-6 



(0.0~ 1000)  X 10-6

±25 X 10-6