Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emission Remote Sensing Monitoring System


Product Overview

Product Overview

Mobile Remote Sensing Monitoring System

ACYC-R600SY remote sensing monitoring system is flexibly placed on both sides of the road to perform real-time remote sensing detection of exhaust pollutants of vehicles traveling in one-way and two-way lanes. The system uses spectral absorption technology to detect dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC), and nitrogen oxides (NOX) emitted from vehicle exhaust. The system is designed for integrated steam and diesel, and can detect opacity smoke, particles (PM2.5) and ammonia (NH3) of gasoline and diesel vehicles.

System Composition

The system consists of light source, analysis unit, the right angle displacement reflection unit, the speed/acceleration acquisition system, the vehicle identification system, the data transmission system, the weather system and the operation unit which are configured to realize remote control of the network.

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