Automatic Rain Proof Test System


Product Overview

Product Overview

Automatic Rain Proof Test System

Anche ACLY-P (passenger car) C (commercial vehicle) T (train) automatic rain proof test system is the equipment independently developed and manufactured by Anche. According to the demand of different vehicle models of the rain proof, it carry out the contour spray in multiple directions, adjust the rain intensity in real time through the frequency converter and the water separator, and also configure the chain conveyor belt, the elevator, and the automatic blow drying machine which greatly improve the compatibility and detection efficiency of the rain proof. The system owns such characteristics as professional foundation structure and housing planning and design, completed water supply and drainage and control system so as to ensure equipment safety, stability, beauty and utility. The products are exported to overseas which is widely popular.

(1)Chain Plate Automatic Rain Proof

(2)Tempered Glass Housing

(3)Completed Water Supply And Drainage and Control System

Equipment Parameters



Size of the Raining proof lab L*W*H

As the requirements of the clients

Rainy Parts of the Vehicle &  the intensity of Rain mm/min )

The average rain intensity at the front of the car body is (12 ± 1) mm / min; the average rain intensity on the side, rear, top and bottom of the body is (8 ± 1) mm / min.

Nozzle, nozzle vertical and horizontal and distance from the surface to be inspected

Nozzle diameter: 2.5~3.0mm, injection Angle: 60°; Nozzle transverse and longitudinal distance 400mm; The bottom nozzle is located 200mm below the ground and 700±200mm from the outer surface of the vehicle; being made according to the specific vehicle model copy rain structure.

Water pump supply pressure, rain duration

The water supply pressure of the pump is 150kpa±10kpa;15min rain time or comply with corporate standard

Pump flow  Q (m³/h)

Q=6FN/625, where F is the average rain intensity and N is the corresponding number of nozzles

Blow-Dry distance and wind speed

Blow-dry distance 300~400mm, wind speed ≥25m/s