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About us

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About us

Shenzhen Anche Technologies Co., Ltd. is a famous manufacturer of motor vehicle testing equipment and control network in China, which can provide comprehensive solutions of motor vehicle testing system for testing enterprises and network supervision system solutions for the government.

Based on decades of accumulated project experience and deep understanding of the motor vehicle inspection industry, we have applied traditional technologies, such as mechatronics, the Internet, multimedia, and new technologies, such as “Internet of Things” and “cloud computing” to the field of automotive inspection. Besides, we have developed a complete station control system, a mature database system and an intelligent production management system for our customers, which greatly improves the degree of intelligence and automation of motor vehicle testing and ensures that motor vehicle testing institutions can accurately and efficiently complete the testing work.

In recent years, we have developed an industry supervision platform for the Chinese government, realized the remote real-time supervision and online service for inspection institutions and maintenance enterprises, guaranteed the fairness and justice of the testing process, and provided reliable means and scientific basis for the management of in-use motor vehicles. To strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution, we have launched online monitoring and management system solutions for environmental pollution prevention and control, including: air pollution prevention and control system, environmental air quality automatic monitoring system, vehicle emissions remote sensing detection system, black smoke vehicle snapshot monitoring system. Through the construction of air pollution prevention and control system, measurement data can be counted and analyzed, accurate and timely monitoring data can be provided for environmental management decisions, and the implementation of the total supervision and control system can be accelerated.

We have strong design capabilities and rich project experience, so we can fully meet the needs of global customers personalized customization, enhance customer competitiveness in the industry. Your success is our expectation, and we are your solid foundation!

In the future, we will continue to reward global users with high-quality products and services, continue to improve the technical advancement of the testing system, expand the application field of the testing system, and improve the marketing and service network;

Public praise comes from user experience.  Such elements are the core values of Anche settling in the industry and serving the users as excellent team, reliable products, thoughtful service and innovative culture. 

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