Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emission Remote Sensing Monitoring System


Product Overview

Product Overview

Black Smoke Vehicle Intelligent Monitoring System

Black smoke vehicle intelligent monitoring system is fixed on gantry or L-shaped pole, monitors the cars on road in real-time and distinguishes the clean cars and black smoke vehicles.

Testing Principle

The system adopts intelligent video monitoring technology and video analyzing technology to capture vehicle’s information by online monitoring. And then to get the ringelman emittance value of the exhaust pollutants of the in-service cars one road and classified into 0-5 levels.

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System Characteristic

1)   Unattended Automatic Detection

2)   Integrated Design

3)   Real-Time Data Transmission

4)   Internet Monitoring Operation

5)   Environmental Protection and Energy-Saving

6)   Full Automatic License Plate Recognition

7)   All-round Screening

8)   High Fault-tolerance