Industry Dynamics


Industry Dynamics

Anche invited to the training session for publicity and implementation of new standards for vehicle



On July 6 - July 7, 2019, the training sessions for business skills of Guangxi vehicle inspection agencies and for publicity and implementation of new standards was held in Nanning, which was sponsored by Guangxi Association for Metrology. As the drafting unit and initiative unit of some national and industry standards, Anche was invited to attend the meeting.

Mr Cui Yunhong, deputy general manager of Anche customer service center, interpreted the two standards in depth, i.e. Limits and measurement methods for emissions from diesel vehicles under free acceleration and lugdown cycle (GB3847-2018) and Limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from vehicles equipped ignition engine under two-speed idle conditions and short driving mode conditions (GB18285-2018). In order to quickly adapt to the implementation of the new standards, Mr. Cui also introduced the way of inspection equipment upgrade and adjustment of the inspection method, which not only deepened the understanding and cognition of the administrators and operators of the vehicle testing agencies on the new environmental protection standards, but also made clear the goal and direction of the works in future.

This training session of the publicity and implementation of new standards combined theory with practice, so that everyone could practice what they have learned and truly transform the knowledge into effect. Mr. Zhou Xiaoting, Anche’s senior engineer, conducted practical training for the attendees at Shishan inspection station, and introduced the technical knowledge of vehicle safety inspection and vehicle exhaust emission inspection technology and methods. In the operation process, the attendees constantly put forward some questions encountered in their daily work, and Mr Zhou answered them one by one with patience. Besides, he also taught the attendees how to avoid the risks, strengthen the awareness of risk and responsibility and improve the inspection competence and quality of service.