Industry Dynamics


Industry Dynamics

Measures taken to fight against COVID-19 in China



To better control the spread of COVID-19, Chinese enterprises in vehicle inspection business extended their Spring Festival holidays. Up till late March and early April, the enterprises took tentative steps back towards normal life by reopening their businesses as the lockdown partially eased.  

During the lockdown, Anche Technologies, as a test equipment manufacturer, mainly adopts the method of working from home and runs its business through non-contact mode, such as AI technology, remote service, Internet, etc. It also provides training to inspectors and technicians, solves the problems and offers solutions for customers through online training programs and live stream. Meanwhile, the appointment system is launched in free for the PTI centers and vehicle owners to facilitate them to make appointments online.

During this period, the traffic police conducts the road checks at the toll station and checkpoints to ensure the road safety, thus the demand for PPE rose significantly. On 24th Feb, Anche Technologies, in conjunction with members from China Smart Traffic Management Industry Alliance (CTMA), donated a batch of disposable protective clothing to the front line traffic police.  

Currently, most of the inspection stations in China have resumed operation, but in order to control the spread of COVID-19 continuously, the vehicles owners need to make an appointment in advance through the website, mobile phone APP or hotline before inspection. And the vehicle inspection will be conducted in different periods, so as to effectively control the number of vehicles to be inspected at different periods. Before entering the inspection station, the vehicle owner needs to register the personal information and travelling history of the previous 14 days and have his temperature checked.