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Anche presents China's legislation on vehicle emission control



On April 21, 2021, a webinar titled “Emission control in China and future plan to develop it” was jointly held by CITA together with Anche Technologies. Anche presented the legislation on vehicle emission control and an array of measures taken by China.


Centering on the formulation and implementation of vehicle emission regulations for both new vehicles and in-use vehicles in China, the requirements for vehicle emission test in type approval, end-of-line test and in-use vehicles are taken into account with the aim of whole-life vehicle compliance. Anche introduces the test methods, test requirements and characteristics for emission test at various stages and the practice in China.


ASM method, transient cycle method and lug down method are most widely used for in-use vehicle test in China. By the end of 2019, China has deployed 9,768 test lanes of ASM method, 9,359 test lanes of simplified transient cycle method and 14,835 test lanes of lug down method for emission test and the inspection volume has reached 210 million. In addition, China also has the most widely applied remote sensing monitoring systems for motor vehicles. Up to 2019, China has completed the construction of 2,671 sets of remote sensing monitoring systems, with 960 sets under construction. Through remote sensing monitoring system (including black smoke capture) and road inspection, more than 371.31 million vehicles have been tested and 11.38 million non-standard vehicles have been identified.


With the mentioned measures, China has benefited a lot in its emission reduction policies. Anche also accumulates rich experience in practice and is willing to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation with stakeholders in other countries, so as to realize the vision of improving road safety and environmental protection.