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Anche invited to communication meeting for publicity and implementation of new standards in Gansu an



In order to fully implement the two new standards-Limits and measurement methods for emissions from gasoline vehicles (GB18285-2018) and Limits and measurement methods for emissions from diesel vehicles (GB3847-2018), the communication meeting of Gansu Province for publicity, implementation and training on new standards for motor vehicle inspection took place in Lanzhou October 26-27, 2019 and that of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was held in Baotou on October 30, 2019. it was held in Baotou. As the drafting unit of some national and industry standards, Anche was invited to attend both meetings.


Communication meeting of Gansu for publicity, implementation and training on new standards

Communication meeting of Inner Mongolia for publicity, implementation and training on new standards

Mr. Cui Yunhong, deputy general manager of Anche customer service center, interpreted the main contents of the second stage implementation of the two standards, i.e. Limits and measurement methods for emissions from diesel vehicles under free acceleration and lugdown cycle (GB3847-2018) and Limits and measurement methods for emissions from gasoline vehicles under two speed idle conditions and short driving mode conditions (GB18285-2018). Mr Cui combined practices with theories to promote the technical personnel to understand and master the professional basic knowledge as soon as possible, and familiarize them with detection method and specific procedures of the new standards, which greatly improves the pertinence of the training.

Interpretation and combination of theory and practice by Mr Cui


Mr. Wang man, project manager and Mr. Zhang Lei, product manager of Anche Informatization Department introduced respectively the technical requirements of the investigation and coding registration of non-road mobile machinery, the relevant contents of the upgrading and transformation of the monitoring platform for the prevention and control of vehicle emission pollutants according to the requirements of the new standard, and the environmental protection information disclosure of vehicles newly produced and new vehicles consistency inspection.


Lectures by Mr Wang and Mr Zhang from Anche

The attendees expressed that the training meeting was rich in content and instructive, deepening their understanding and mastery of the new standards, correcting the non-standard behavior in the actual operation, and that they would carry out the inspection work in strict accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and standards in future to ensure the accuracy and impartiality of the testing data. Anche has been focusing on popularizing and disseminating theoretical knowledge and practical skills of vehicle inspection technology and providing strong support for road traffic safety and environmental protection.