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ACLY-MV\B\C\T Rain Testing Room

“Anche” ACLY-MV\B\C\T vehicle rain testing room is airtight property testing non-standard equipment of military vehicles, passenger vehicles, cars, trains and other vehicles, which is independently researched, developed and produced by Shenzhen Anche Technologies Co., Ltd. and takes the lead in China, with complete proprietary intellectual property rights. The rain testing room can realize spraying on many surfaces such as three surfaces, four surfaces, five surfaces and six surfaces as well as various rain strength tests according to the rain requirements of different vehicle models.

Relying on strong hardware and software force of Anche, Tai’an professional machining bases and a nationwide service network, the model design, processing& manufacturing, system control, installation & debugging, after-sales service and other aspects of ACLY-MV\B\C\T products have been guaranteed very well, ensuring that customers can customize rain test benches without any worries!




Parameter name Main index
Rain test chamber size(L*W*H) Customized according to customer requirements
Rain strength(mm/min) The average rain intensity of the front part of the body (12± 1) mm/min; body side, rear, top and bottom average rainfall intensity (8± 1) mm/min.
Nozzle, nozzle vertical and horizontal and the distance between the tested surface The nozzle diameter is 2.5~3.0mm, the injection angle is 60° the transverse and longitudinal distance of the nozzle is 400mm; the bottom nozzle is located below the ground 200mm, and the distance from the outer surface of the body is 700± 200mm
Pump supply pressure, rain time Pump water supply pressure 150kPa + 10KPA; rain time 15min or implementation of enterprise standards
Pump flowQ(m³/h) Q=6FN/625 F is the average rainfall intensity, N is the number of nozzles
Blowing distance and wind speed Dry spacing 300~400mm, wind speed is greater than or equal to 25m/s