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ACJC-3T, 10T, 13T new car assembly line:

We specialize in tailor-making vehicles for automobile companies, have the functions of online inspection and online adjustment, accord with the latest inspection standards of China, are compatible with many vehicle models (cars, passenger vehicles, trucks), and can customize equipment for special vehicle models such as engineering machinery vehicles (forklift trucks, mixer trucks, muck trucks, etc.), sanitation trucks, airport shuttle buses, low-speed vehicles and so on according to customer requirements.

Serial number Device name Model
1 Speedometer tester ACSD-3T、10T、13T
2 Automobile axle load test stand ACZZ-3T、10T、13T、30
3 Automobile brake test stand ACZD-3T, 10T, 13T, 30JZ can increase the ABS test function, support WABCO brand 4S4M and 6S6M type ABS, and reserve expansion interface.
4 Vehicle sideslip test bed ACCH-3T、10T、13T
5 Automobile steering angle tester ACZJ-3T、10T、13T
6 Car horn sound level meter HY-114
7 Vehicle headlamp tester MQD
8 Computer control system An Che Customized
9 LED An Che Customized
10 Workstation data system An Che Customized
11 Supporting application software Auto professional car detection software