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  • Product name: Automotive brake test Taiwan series
  • Product model: ACZD-3T/10T/13T、ACZD-13JZ

 Wheel braking force, braking force balance (the left and right wheel braking force difference), the development of coordination time, to evaluate the single-axis braking performance and vehicle braking performance, is to carry out vehicle safety performance and integrated Performance testing of one of the necessary equipment.

  Taiwan body with the overall square steel and carbon steel plate welded structure, precision, high strength, anti-rolling;
  The use of high and low drum design, optional third drum motor technology to ensure that the detection process of the drum to minimize the degree of wear and tear;
  The surface of the roller is treated with precision sand, and the adhesion coefficient is close to the actual situation of the road surface.
  At the same time, high-precision braking force sensor, and input-output design aviation plugs, both to ensure a stable and reliable measurement accuracy, but also easy to install and maintain. Body lift station selection means of air springs, lifting fast, reliable, easy maintenance; braking load lifting station is used outside the enclosed hydraulic lift, durable.

model ACZD-3 ACZD-10 ACZD-13 ACZD-13JZLoading type ACMZD-10(Auto-one type)
Allows axial mass(KG) 3000 10000 13000 13000 10000
Weighing board size(LxW)MM 9000Nx2 30000Nx2 40000Nx2 40000Nx2 30000Nx2,3000N(Mount)
Can be measured the maximum weighing(KG) <±3%
Resolution(KG) Have
Indication error 30
Sensor power supply Sticky sand
Dimensions(LxWxH)MM 0.6-0.8
Motor power supply AC380V±10%
Sensor power supply DC12V
Drum size(MM) φ245x950 φ245x1050 φ245x1100 φ245x1100 φ245xl050(long)\φ195x300(short)
Span inside the drum(MM) 600 700 800 800 700
Outside the drum(MM) 2500 2800 3000 3000 2800
Center distance of roller(MM) 419 446 470 470 446/310
Motor Power(KW) 2x4KW 2xllKW 2xl5KW 2xl5KW 2xllKW (steam)0.75KW(Mount)
Shape inch(LxWxH)MM 3400x850x807 3800x960x892 4050x1070x880 4710x1710x880 3940x950x890
Lifting method Airbag lift