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  • Product name: Car wheel (shaft) re - test Taiwan series
  • Product model: ACZZ 3T/10T/13T、ACM-500

It is one of the necessary equipment to detect the static wheel weight or the dynamic wheel weight of the left and right wheels and calculate the corresponding axle weight to assist in calculating the braking performance of the vehicle (braking rate). It is one of the necessary equipment for motor vehicle safety and comprehensive performance testing.

 Taiwan body with the overall square steel and carbon steel plate structure welding, structural precision, high strength, anti-rolling. High precision pressure sensor is adopted for measuring part. The signal output is designed with aviation plug, which is stable and reliable, precise and accurate, and easy to install. It can meet the requirements of static parking wheel re-measurement and optional low speed (less than 5Km / h) through-wheel weight measurement.

model ACZZ-3 ACZZ-10 ACZZ-13 ACM-500(Motorcycle inspection section)
Allows axial mass(KG) 3000 10000 13000 500
Weighing board size(LxW)MM 1000x60(H Narrow board)
1000xl000(Wide board)
1000x600(Narrow board)
1000 xl000(Wide board)
1100x600(Narrow board)
1100 xl000(Wide board)
Can be measured the maximum weighing(KG) 1500KGx2 5000KGx2 6500KGx2 500KG
Resolution(KG) 1 2 2 1
Indication error ±20%
Sensor power supply DC12V
Dimensions(LxWxH)MM 2950x740xl60(Narrow board)
2950xll40xl60(Wide board)
2950x740xl60(Narrow board)
2950xll40xl60(Wide board)
3030x740xl60(Narrow board)
3030x1140x160(Wide board)