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  • Product name: Vehicle speedometer test Taiwan series
  • Product model: ACSD 3T/10T/13T、ACMSD-10

  Used to measure the motor vehicle "speedometer" indication error. The vehicle being seized on the test bench can be detected in the car 0 ~ 120Km / h speed driving speed table performance and error value, to determine whether the seized vehicle speedometer is qualified, is the vehicle safety performance and overall performance Detection of one of the devices.

  Taiwan body with the overall square steel and carbon steel plate structure welding, structural precision, high strength, anti-rolling. The roller surface is treated by special technology, wear-resistant and wear-resistant to the vehicle tire. Imported high-precision speed sensor, the signal output adopts aviation plug design, stable and reliable, accurate and easy to install. Lifting device selection of air springs, lifting speed, reliable, easy maintenance.

model ACSD-3 ACSD-10 ACSD-13 ACMSD-10(Automobile and motorcycle integrated)
Allows axial mass(KG) 3000 10000 13000 10000
Can be measured the maximum speed(KM/H) 120
Drum size(MM) φ177x950 φ177x1050 φ177x1100 φ240xl050(Long drum)
φ190 x300(Short drum)
Lifting stroke(MM) 110
Span inside the drum(MM) 600 700 800 700
Outside the drum(MM) 2500 2800 3000 2800
Center distance of roller(MM) 400 450 450 450
Roller marked form Painting
Working pressure(MPA) 0.6-0.8
Dimensions(LxWxH)MM 2900x900x325 3300x900x325 3500x900x325 3300x900x325
Lifting method Airbag lift