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The media called for improving the automobile inspection system changed from time to time

Date:2014-2-10 15:39

2014 02, 03, the Beijing News on Monday

In an editorial

Improve the inspection system must avoid two extremes: one extreme is deliberately set up checkpoints in the vehicle inspection, to take more than two, is the only charge and completely ignore the test.

In January this year, many provinces NPC deputies and CPPCC members on motor vehicle inspection system reform proposals, to improve the "inspection" of the word network. In addition to the Spring Festival holiday and the end of the month just have a week to overlap, car, causing drivers across the country have early intensive inspection, it also highlights the time consuming and costly for vehicle inspection, inspection system criticized, reform voice is high, many netizens even called for the cancellation of the car inspection.

The difficult problem of long-standing inspection. According to the provisions of the road traffic safety law and its implementing regulations, the motor vehicle shall regularly carry out safety technical inspection from the date of registration. The terms are closely related to the majority of owners, small cars for personal use within 6 years every 2 years, 1 times a year, more than 6 years of inspection 1 times.

This provision itself is the product of reform, more than ten years ago, the small car or an annual inspection 1 times. How many owners Tucao and media focus of public opinion and unremitting appeal, only today's relatively simple inspection.

To be honest, to simplify the process of these years practice in the car around and break the monopoly, compared to the past is indeed progress. In the old owners, can also feel the car more convenient. Just, this "convenient" to a large extent from the vertical comparison.

The direction of the reform of the government can never be "much better than before, and more to see the current system and the development of society and people can expect.

In particular, the recent ten years, is a sharp increase in private cars for ten years. Now China has become a country on the wheel, for the safety of the car and road management, can only advance with the times, is lagging behind.

On inspection, the abolition of the dispute is a solid issue, but the majority opinion, the inspection system is not need to cancel, and how to improve". The purpose of the inspection is to ensure good condition, prevention of traffic accidents. This is a vital event, so the car became a choice in most countries, but in the concrete system is different. Not because of some problems in the inspection, and denied the car itself.

"Vehicle inspection difficult, first found in the" difficult ". If only the specific period of inspection of the vehicle is too much, given the time of grace or the implementation of a more thorough inspection of socialization, this problem is not difficult to solve. More importantly, now in some places of the car, has been completely reduced to a charge". A car or not, can a hand in money check list. As for the inspection of the mind, already forgot. This is about to cancel the inspection for users.

Therefore, improve the inspection system must avoid two extremes: one extreme is deliberately set up checkpoints in vehicle inspection, relying on a monopoly to the owners of the trouble and to take more than two; is only charge and completely ignore the test, relying on a monopoly to the owners of "convenience", but does not provide the necessary services.

At present, decentralization has become a trend. The gist is that the society and the market can do to the society and the market. For vehicle inspection, from a technical perspective, many 4S stores can vehicle inspection, should allow more social institutions to undertake inspection duties. In early 2012, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security vehicle department said that the 4S shop in the country will gradually promote the establishment of "zero police" licensing inspection service station, vehicle maintenance and inspection after Car Buying licensing, integration services, 4S shop service on the card, the two annual increase, up to 6S".

As to directly face the majority of owners window units, CheGuan department can not dislocation, not offside, nor absence. The decentralization of the need to put, the dredge to be sparse, the service to do, the interpretation of the need to say.

Only full respect for public opinion, draw public opinion, and maintain a good interaction with public opinion, in order to maintain the vitality of the system, in order to win the public's understanding and support.

(from original title: car inspection system should be changed from time to time)

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