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CAGS-RA Subject 2 | ACT2210 Subject II || Motor Vehicle Driver's Site Driving Skill Test System, ACT310 Motor Vehicle Driver's Road Driving Skill Examination System. Follow the "practical, reliable, advanced, economic" principle of development, in strict accordance with the Ministry of Public Security Order No. 139 "motor vehicle driver's license to apply for and use", "motor vehicle driver test system general technical conditions" in the relevant Regulations and requirements, while reflecting the following principles.

- The legitimacy of the system through the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Science Institute of detection recognition.
- Practicality Respects the user's existing management model and management, so that the user's actual operating practices to be inherited, easy to use.
- Reliability Select products that are reliable, stable, and capable of handling harsh environments.
- Advanced nature of the spirit of "advanced technology, advanced equipment, advanced programs," the principle of combining the system design, we are concerned about every detail, the key equipment used in foreign and domestic advanced equipment.
- Security using ORACLE database, the implementation of mandatory password policy audit; the original data can not be deleted and modified.
- Openness Following the latest standard design system, integrating new technologies to meet new applications, the system has the continuous improvement and continuous upgrade function.
- Compatibility Modular structure design, when the system expansion, simply add a simple hardware device can be.