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System Overview
   design concept

Introduction to the Scrap Management System
  • Scrapping motor vehicle supervision and sales system mainly includes the following modules:
  • User management, system maintenance, vehicle scrapped applications, vehicle scrapping audit, data query, statistical summary。

User Management
  System for different positions set different permissions, the user can only handle the job within the scope of the job, not across the job. Implementation of this function requires the user management module, the module is free to create roles, and the flexibility to assign the appropriate permissions for each role. To the user to assign different permissions to limit the content of their operations, so as to achieve the job limits of management。
  The main functions of the user management for the entire B / S system user and user rights management and maintenance, the main features include: password modification, role management, account management。
system maintenance
  The system setting module maintains the parameters used in the system (such as vehicle type, vehicle type, etc.), can issue notice to all users, upload policies and regulations for all users to read, and can manage the user log。
  System settings include system parameter management, organization management, notification notification management, system log management, home shortcuts and system message settings module。
Vehicle scrapped application
  According to the work of the vehicle scrapping a large division of the application module, including vehicle scrapping application management and vehicle cancellation application management functions. This part of the functions are operated by the vehicle recycling business.
Vehicle scrapping: vehicles to the recycling business, the need to collect corporate loggers to collect vehicle information, and take pictures, and then fill in the system in the vehicle scrapped application form and upload vehicle photos. Waiting for relevant personnel approval.
Application for cancellation of vehicle: After the application for vehicle scrapping has been approved by the relevant personnel, the recycling enterprise shall scrap and destroy the vehicle in accordance with the regulations, and take pictures and videos of the process. After the completion of the destruction of vehicles to write off the application, and upload the destruction process photos and video, waiting for approval and cancellation of registration.
Vehicle scrapping review
  Vehicle retirement audit is mainly the work of the audit, the need to monitor the inspection center to complete the job. Vehicle scrapping review of the main points of scrapped vehicle information audit and vehicle scrapping process supervision module.
Vehicle information audit: the vehicle for the detection station to provide scrap information, and vehicle registration system by comparing the information to confirm the accuracy of end-of-life vehicles.
Vehicle scrapping process supervision: the remote monitoring of vehicles, vehicle disintegration process for remote inspection.
Vehicle scrapping
 Convenient for users to master the information, the design of the vehicle scrapped records of inquiries and business archiving vehicle information query. To facilitate data management, the system will be in business in the vehicle and business have been completed vehicle management, improve the efficiency of the data analysis system.
Vehicle scrapped records query: query the basic situation of all scrapped vehicles, vehicles are in control of the process, to facilitate the overall grasp of the work progress.
Business Archives Vehicle Information Inquiry: Inquiry back to the basic information on the completion of the business vehicle.
Statistical summary of data
In order to facilitate the summary of the work summary, a reasonable overall arrangement of the work, designed a statistical summary of the data. The statistical summary of the data mainly consists of the work report of the supervisor, the comprehensive statistical report of the discarding and the statistical report of the recycling enterprise.
Supervisor work report: for the sales staff, the work of its statistics.
Scrap comprehensive statistical report: Statistics of the various types of vehicles recycling enterprises scrapped the number.
Recycling of enterprise statistical statements: the statistics of the recycling business on the workload or monthly workload.

3.6.1 Statistics on types of discarded vehicles

   To the number plate type for the statistical object, you can add recycling companies, processing date, vehicle types and other conditions, the amount of their statistics. And can be exported to Excel, making daily work report。
3.6.2 Statistics of discarded vehicle types

  The vehicle type for the statistical object, the statistics of each recycling business workload. Allowed to add the vehicle type, processing date and other conditions for flexible statistics. And can be exported to Excel, making daily work report 3.6.2 scrapped vehicle type statistics。
3.6.3 Staff Workload Statistics Report