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System Overview

System construction principles
Practical principles
  User-oriented, user-friendly, user-friendly, all users do not need training or only a small amount of training that is user-friendly, user-friendly, user-friendly, easy to use, easy to use, be usable. The system has the appropriate measures to help users avoid operational errors. In addition, the system reserves a flexible and convenient configuration, the template can be customized, and custom operation is simple and convenient. When the business increase or change, the user can support the existing system to handle the changes themselves, without the need for major changes to the system itself。
Safety principle
  Has a complete user rights management function, prohibit the operation beyond the permissions to protect the original data to protect the system from damage. In accordance with the requirements of "General Security Requirements for Information Security Technology Information System" and "Information Security Technology Information System Security Level Protection System Framework", system security precautions are carried out from the physical layer, network layer, host layer, application layer and management layer. System design and construction work。
Stability principle
  To take mature and reliable technology and architecture. The average error rate of the system is kept at 0.1% (except for the user misoperation), the average annual failure time is: <0.5 day; the average error rate is less than 0.5 days; Fault recovery time & lt; 30 minutes。
system structure
  The system uses B / S architecture design, easy to install and use;
  The use of Java language development, the perfect compatibility windows, Linux, Unix and other operating system platforms, compatibility is very good。

Large screen inspection
Process optimization, improve efficiency
Paperless operation, convenient worry-free    
Inspection information comprehensive    
Video surveillance system complete (optional)   
Electronic Signature Simplification (Optional)      
Compatibility is good   

Checkpoint Network Deployment Diagram

Way one: checkpoint public security network deployment

Mode 2: Checkpoint private network deployment


System function introduction
A variety of ways to collect data to achieve pre-entry function
Mobile intelligent terminal photo acquisition
Mobile intelligent terminal large screen inspection
Announcement of query matching
Outside dimension measurement (optional)
Conservative mass measurement (optional)
Intelligent print inspection record table
Electronic Signature Checking Record
Network integrated application platform to achieve the process check (optional)
Statistical Analysis
Inspection agency management and maintenance
Personnel information management and maintenance
System parameter management
Video surveillance management (optional)
Print photo (optional)
Regulatory Review (Optional)
Secondary models of key vehicles (optional)
Flexible configuration of inspection items (optional)
Real-time view of the inspection basis (optional)