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System structure:
The system includes monitoring center system, optical fiber special network and inspection station system. The main functions include: detection station management, testing data management, environmental labeling management, standard limit management, query statistical analysis, anti-cheating features, video surveillance, network protection and other functions. And set aside road inspection and inspection, maintenance management data interface, and public security data interface.

& bull; Monitoring Center Hardware
Server System (Layer 3 Switch, Database Server, Central Detection Application Server, Communication Server, Information Distribution Application Server, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Antivirus Software, Database Software) Storage and backup devices (disk arrays)
Large Screen Integrated Information Display Wall
Room (decoration, power supply system, lightning protection, integrated wiring)
Workstation and other office equipment

& bull; 2, detection station hardware part
Test Station Server
Test Station Firewall
Video DVR
Network HD Cameras
Front Hardware Acquisition Unit

& bull; 3, network support
Using optical fiber dedicated network
The tailgate management center side aggregates 100M private lines
Branch uses 10-20M dedicated line to connect to inspection station
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System features
Test Data Management
The system can classify the detection methods (such as simple conditions, double idle speed, filter paper smoke and smoke opacity, etc.) to record the emission detection of each vehicle maintenance detail data, and can browse the list and associated detailed display.
The result data can be automatically selected (manual) according to the emission limit system. The process data can be displayed on-screen.

Anti-Cheat System
The system has automatic detection function, if found in a timely warning and wait for the administrator to deal with. Anti-fraud measures, can focus on solving the following cheating has been found:
Detection Method Alert
Cross-site detection alert
Device Personnel Alert
Sampling Tube Fall-off Warning
Detecting Process Data Alert
Limit Difference Warning
The device is not calibrated daily.

Green Mark Management
& bull; tag into the library, a library
& bull; Environmental Label Printing Release
New Car Management
VLT Model Library Management System
Limit Management
Statistical Analysis
Total NOx Emissions Reductions
Unified Login System
I / M Maintenance System
Integrated Information Display System
Motion Detection System
External Release