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System Overview:
1. System physical architecture
The inspection business system is deployed in the local area network, deployed in the public security network, the data exchange software and exchange database of the inspection and supervision system, and the data exchange between the integrated application platform and the software of the inspection and supervision system through the border access platform database synchronization mode.

2.The overall system architecture
Inspection and supervision system includes comprehensive application platform to upgrade and improve functions, inspection and supervision system software, inspection and supervision data exchange software, mobile intelligent inspection terminal system, test information management system, video surveillance system. The overall system architecture is shown below:

3.Data flow


4.The main business processes
According to the General Technical Requirements of Vehicle Safety Technology Inspection and Supervision System (GA1186-2014), the business flow of the main body is designed as follows:

1)Real-time data collection In accordance with the Department of "general technical conditions" interface requirements of real-time detection equipment testing data collection, compliance checks and timely upload to the Bureau of the regulatory system.
2)Detection of process control According to the process of deploying the regulatory requirements of the vehicle inspection process for strict management and control.
3)Restricted Information Management The first time to log on to write restricted information, check the cancellation after the limit; to remove the permissions set on the wrong landing vehicles to achieve the local limits and limited access to Information maintenance function (according to the conditions of superposition of inquiries, batch processing).
4)Vehicle blacklist management  According to the business needs of the testing center, the law enforcement departments to monitor vehicles, robbery and other blacklisted management of motor vehicles for the deployment control, alarm, query, statistics.
5)Personnel blacklist management The system carries on the identity management to the business consignor, makes the early warning and the lock management to the exception handling personnel.
6)Detection of items automatically According to the data monitoring system and the national standard requirements, automatic access to vehicle initial inspection and re-inspection projects to prevent man-made changes to test items.
7)Reinspection Vehicle Unique Acknowledgment Classification Management Function The re-examination of the key vehicles or important items to verify the uniqueness of the verification。
8)VIN number verification function According to GB 16735-2004 to verify the vehicle identification number for verification。
9) Construction testing reservation platform Construction detection platform, to achieve the two detection lines (including) above the security inspection platform and access to the platform to solve the seized car is difficult, get together the phenomenon of serious disorder detection order, "cattle party" breeding problems for the owners to save Detection queuing time, through the construction of motor vehicle Internet reservation system, so that the majority of owners easily Web pages, WeChat platform for online booking testing.

System functions:

1.Unified station-side application process
1.1Unified station-side application Kong
1.2Check the flow application
1.3Cross-station detection
1.4Blacklisted vehicles
1.5 Violation of vehicle
1.6 Environmental non-compliance vehicles
1.7 Illegal Unprocessed Vehicle
1.8 Judicial Assistance Vehicle Data Warning 2. Unified detection of business processes
2.1 unified detection login system
2.2 unified external inspection system
2.3 unified road test test data monitoring
2.4 Uniform Inline Inspection Data Monitoring
2.5 unified video capture in real time

3 3.1 unified authority control
3.2 Uniform Inspection Project
3.3 Uniform appearance of the camera project
3.4 Uniform artificial inspection data
3.5 Consolidated Inspection Process
4, the construction of central video surveillance system
4.1 Video surveillance system function
4.2 Data Security
4.3 Detecting behavior alerts