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Shenzhen Anche Technologies Co., Ltd.

  Shenzhen Anche Technologies Co., Ltd. is provider of total solutions for the domestic automotive vehicle detection industry. Based on the automobile aftermarket, and oriented to intelligent transportation, Anche provides motor vehicle inspection solutions for motor vehicle inspection agencies, provides industry regulation and supervision solutions for the governmental industry management departments, provides driver examination system solutions for social training institutions, and provides intelligent maintenance industry service and management solutions for maintenance and repair industry, by re-interpretating mechatronics, the Internet and multimedia technologies, and by making use of the ”Internet of Things", "cloud computing" and other new technologies, to lay a solid foundation for the realization of intelligent and green transportation.
  Based on the deep understanding and experience in the motor vehicle inspection industry, and taking into consideration the characteristics and needs of every customer, Anche has developed comprehensive station control solutions, sophisticated database systems and an intelligent management system including automatic login, intelligent scheduling, load control, site management and other features, which has greatly enhanced the intelligence of the motor vehicle inspection system. Meanwhile, according to the management needs of the industry management departments, Anche developed the network monitoring system, to realize remote monitoring over inspection agencies and maintenance companies, ensure fairness and impartiality in the inspection and maintenance processes, and provide a reliable means and basis for the scientific management of in-use motor vehicles.
  Through the sound service system, professional service personnel and a nationwide service network, Anche provides users with constant technical support and services to ensure their investment values and returns. We believe that servicing users is the only value of our survival, and users’ need is the source of our progress. Success comes from the quality of service, and reputation originates from user experience. Professional teams, reliable products, thoughtful services, and the culture of innovation constitute the core value for Anche to find a foothold in the industry and service users.